Valley Custom Workshop

Simon's 37 Chevrolet Sedan Bomb

Valley Custom have undertaken a huge amount of custom work to the chassis on Simons 37. This includes kicking up the rear chassis rails, new custom rear arms to suit the Commodore dif, holden front-end and installation of Hoppo's hydraulic suspension. All this to get maximum low. Also on the list is to get the freshly rebuilt Blueflame going and get the car certified for NZ roads.

Craig's 65 F100

Craig has asked us to address the altitude issues with his F100. He supplied Jag front and rear ends and an airbag kit with Accuair ride levelling. Asked to get it as low as possible but still be practical as he wants to use it as a work vehicle so cutting up into the deck was to be kept to a minimum. New wheels and tyres will also help with lowering and dress it up nicely.

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